Adult Students

Warren Tech Central

Applications are now open for the 2020-2021 School Year!

To be considered for a Warren Tech Program, adult students must complete the following process each year:

  1. Apply for admission at Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) online at
    Assessment score requirements:
    Take the Accuplacer assessment at Red Rocks Community College. Please refer to the chart below for minimum scoring requirements.
    Students with a college degree, certain college course work, a recent SAT score, or recent Accuplacer score could be exempted from testing. These test results must be attached to the Warren Tech application. For assessment hours and information, go to
  2. Print, complete and submit the Warren Tech Adult Application and return it with your college transcript, Accuplacer scores, or SAT results to the Warren Tech Central Counseling office to be added to the admissions waiting list. (Please note that applicants are not guaranteed acceptance to Warren Tech.)
  3. Wait to be notified of acceptance to Warren Tech. Upon acceptance, you must make an appointment to complete your initial registration with Janis Eagan in the Red Rocks Community College admissions office at 303.914.6543.
  4. Once registration is complete with Janis Eagan, you must pay your Red Rocks Community College tuition and fees and the additional Warren Tech fee at the cashier’s office at RRCC. For current Warren Tech fee information contact Warren Tech, 303.982.8600.
  5. For information regarding financial aid, visit the Red Rocks Community College Financial Aid office, or go to
  6. Please note that Warren Tech does not consider applications from previous academic years. If you did not get accepted and wish to be considered the following year, you must complete all the above steps and reapply for the next year.

Click Here to View the Assessment Score Requirements.

For more information, please visit the Red Rocks Community College Website.