General Information and Concurrent Enrollment

What is “concurrent enrollment?”

  • Concurrent enrollment gives high school students the opportunity to earn high school and college credits simultaneously.
  • Both the curriculum and teachers must be approved by the college to verify that the college course requirements are met.
  • Warren Tech offers optional concurrent enrollment courses for students who choose to register and complete course requirements.


Benefits of Concurrent Enrollment

  • Concurrent enrollment is FREE, saving you money.
  • Concurrent enrollment saves you time since you are earning both high school and college credit simultaneously.
  • Concurrent enrollment helps you achieve your goal of a college certificate or degree sooner.
  • College credits earned through concurrent enrollment can also be used for career or military advancement.


Important Facts about Concurrent Enrollment

  • Participation in Concurrent Enrollment begins your college experience and uses your COF eligibility.
  • You are beginning your OFFICIAL college transcript and all concurrent enrollment grades, including D’s and F’s, become part of your PERMANENT college record.
  • Grades of D and F do not count toward a certificate or diploma and are not transferable.
  • Requests for drops and withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the High School Relations Office. Deadlines are set by the college and must be met – no exceptions. Please contact the RRCC High School Relations Office at 303-914-6600 to verify specific dates.



COF: The College Opportunity Fund (COF), created by the Colorado Legislature, provides a stipend to eligible students which pays a portion of your total in-state tuition. The law provides that this state funding is limited to 145 credit hours. For more information, please go to

Drops: If the drop request is made before the drop deadline, no record of the course will appear on your college transcript and no tuition is charged.

Withdraws: After the drop deadline, a withdraw can be made before the withdraw deadline. A “W” grade will appear on your college transcript. Your college GPA will not be affected. However, if you withdraw, you will lose COF credits.