Warren Tech Central: College Credit


Warren Tech Central programs with Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities through Red Rocks Community College:

  *Requires minimum Accuplacer or SAT Assessment Scores to enroll in concurrent enrollment classes.

Warren Tech students have the opportunity to receive free Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) credit for work completed in their Warren Tech program. This process is referred to as "Concurrent Enrollment."

  • Students will meet with their Warren Tech counselors between October 21- Nov 1 to learn critical information regarding the registration process.
  • Each student will receive a registration packet which contains additional instructions.
  • Below you will find the Concurrent Enrollment Classroom Presentation which can be downloaded for your review. 
  • Two forms which are included in the student packet can also be found below.
  • Your student’s classroom teacher will supply the appropriate course registration form and will specify in which courses a student should enroll.
  • Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program provides high school students the opportunity to earn tuition free college credit through Red Rocks Community College for high school courses they are currently taking at Warren Tech. The student must complete all admission and registration requirements of Red Rocks Community College which include the online college application, apply and authorize the College Opportunity Fund (COF), and CE Agreement form. Some courses may require a student to meet prerequisites and test scores. Many of these courses are guaranteed to transfer to other Colorado higher education institutions and may transfer to out of state universities/colleges. 

For general information, please refer to Jeffco Public Schools Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment website.

  *In accordance with Colorado Statute 23-18-202 (5) (c) (I) (B) students name and state ID number will be shared with the institution of higher education.


Complete the free, online application for Red Rocks Community College. Please assist your student with the completion of the online application no later than November 1, 2019. Students will receive their Red Rocks S number upon completion of the online RRCC application.


Register at RRCC. From November 4-15, students will be visiting the Red Rocks campus during their class time to complete the registration process. They will need to bring:

  • their Red Rocks S number which they received upon completion of the online application
  • the completed registration packet including parent/guardian signatures on the registration form and the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement

If you have additional questions, please contact your student’s counselor or classroom teacher.

Special Note to Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services and Dental Assisting Students:

To enroll in concurrent enrollment, students in these programs will need a minimum:

Students will have the opportunity to take the Accuplacer test when visiting RRCC. Please contact Nina Ysais at RRCC at 303-914-6350 or visit the RRCC High School Relations website if you have questions regarding this process.

Important Facts about Concurrent Enrollment

  • Participation in Concurrent Enrollment begins your college experience and uses your College Opportunity Fund eligibility.
  • You are beginning your OFFICIAL college transcript and all concurrent enrollment grades, including D’s and F’s, become part of your PERMANENT college record.
  • Grades of D and F do not count toward a certificate or diploma and are not transferable.
  • Requests for drops and withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the High School Relations Office. Deadlines are set by the college and must be met – no exceptions. Please contact the RRCC High School Relations Office at 303-914-6600 to verify specific dates.

Additional Concurrent Enrollment Information and Forms